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Naruto Shippuden Officially Confirms Anime’s End

Le 2 juin 2017, 05:48 dans Humeurs 0

For any of you anime fans who were holding out, it is time you let go your last bit of Naruto. For months now, longtime fans of the franchise have been waiting anxiously to hear when Naruto Shippuden would make its last run. The anime caught up with Masashi Kishimoto’s manga some time ago and has been animating post-finale epilogue novels concerning Sasuke and Shikamaru.


However, those extra story arcs are now coming to an end, and Naruto Shippuden has no plans to create any more content. The 500th episode of Naruto Shippuden has debuted already, marking the end of an anime era.


So, yes - it’s okay to cry.


Taking to Twitter, the official account for the Naruto franchise shared a poignant message with fans about the anime’s end. The tweet features a profile shot of Naruto on his wedding day as he looks off to the Hokage Mountain in Konoha. The message recounts the humble origins of the franchise which first became an anime back in 2002. The original Naruto show ran for several years before Naruto Shippuden made its debut in February 2007.


Even though Naruto Shippuden is finding its end, the franchise will not die out just yet. Thanks to Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo, Konoha will stick around a bit longer thanks to one boy named Boruto. Next month, an anime spin-off titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will make its debut. The new show will follow Naruto’s eldest child as he enters the ninja academy with his friends. It will be there that Boruto learns about the true meaning of a ninja way and discovers how difficult it is to protect his father’s bright legacy.

Ways to conquer Chinese

Le 8 mai 2017, 10:30 dans Humeurs 0

I have always believed the real test of language proficiency is its ability to create connections between people. While there are many difficult languages, the hardest language of them all is undoubtedly Chinese.


It’s not just me voicing my predicament. The UN officially confirms it. The "Hardest language to learn," according to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization is Chinese Karson Choi.


One of the reasons Chinese is difficult is that it is a tonal language and it’s the tone that decides its meaning. For instance, the word mai means both buy and sell, just changing can make one a buyer or seller! As if the tonal predicament wasn’t enough, similar sounding words abound in Chinese, and your head will swim trying to remember the vocabulary. Oh, did I mention hanzi - Chinese characters?


Difficulties aside, there are countless benefits. If you are brave like me, it’s a wild rollercoaster ride that is worth a try.


The trick is to get a good teacher who excels in Chinese but also knows English fairly well so that your queries and concerns can be adequately addressed.


Learn from everyone and everything. I learned a lot by listening to housekeeping staff, cashiers, hairdressers and the like. Everything can teach you dr bk laser, provided you are "present."


Keep targets in mind and work hard to meet them. Review your progress in due course so that you can know whether you are steadily sailing further.


Switch to Chinese. Instead of finding locals who speak English, however comforting it may be, embrace Chinese and use it everywhere. Soon you will know the finer nuances of the language.


For example, qingwen (Excuse me) is only for asking questions. Master it and avoid the befuddled look on a passerby’s face on the subway escalator when you say qingwen to ask for space to move ahead. These and other instances, some funnier than others, like a friend buying hair conditioner instead of shampoo and then spending hours in bathroom wondering why it doesn’t work, can all be washed away if you embrace the language with its eccentricities.


Keep practicing. Soon you will sprout Chinese proverbs like words of wisdom. After all, Practice makes perfect. Treat Chinese like a game of chess SmarTone . With strategy and tactical learning, it will yield a checkmate.

Contact Lens Chaos with Colorful Eyes

Le 7 avril 2017, 05:36 dans Humeurs 0

If you have teenagers, then you will encounter this end-of-the-world dilemma at some point if you haven't already. There's a big party or concert or some other function that everyone who is anyone is going to be attending and your teenager wants to stand out and have this be their night (although they'll never admit it).


Although it was years ago for most of us, if you think hard enough you can still remember what is was like not having the undivided attention from someone that you thought was the best thing walking the face of the earth. Times may have changed neostrata gel plus, but certain cultural habits never do. So how can you stand out in the crowd gracefully and attractively without doing something crazy that you will regret down the road?


Try wearing a pair of colored contact lenses. You will be amazed by how much influence and appeal something as simple as the color of one's eyes can have over the masses. With so many varieties and new colors to pick from, you can find a colored contact to fit almost any occasion.


To make matters even better, you don't even have to need vision correction to wear cosmetic contact lenses. You may even have access to a greater variety of tints because several contact lens manufacturers only produce certain colors for certain types of contact lenses bicelle b5 gel.


This doesn't mean that those who do need vision correction are limited in their choices of colored contacts. With newly developed technology, almost all types of contact lenses including toric, rigid gas permeable and soft disposable lenses can be specially ordered with your favorite color tinted in the lens.


So the next time you are in the midst of the crowd and feel yourself blending in rather than standing out, try wearing a stunning colored contact lens to intensify and add vibrancy to your eyes. Remember, it has been said that eyes are the windows to the soul 72 hours in Hong Kong. Sometimes those windows just need a little color added to them to get people to stop and take notice. Talk with your optician today about ordering a pair of colored contact lens!

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