For any of you anime fans who were holding out, it is time you let go your last bit of Naruto. For months now, longtime fans of the franchise have been waiting anxiously to hear when Naruto Shippuden would make its last run. The anime caught up with Masashi Kishimoto’s manga some time ago and has been animating post-finale epilogue novels concerning Sasuke and Shikamaru reenex hard sell.


However, those extra story arcs are now coming to an end, and Naruto Shippuden has no plans to create any more content. The 500th episode of Naruto Shippuden has debuted already, marking the end of an anime era.


So, yes - it’s okay to cry reenex hk.


Taking to Twitter, the official account for the Naruto franchise shared a poignant message with fans about the anime’s end. The tweet features a profile shot of Naruto on his wedding day as he looks off to the Hokage Mountain in Konoha. The message recounts the humble origins of the franchise which first became an anime back in 2002. The original Naruto show ran for several years before Naruto Shippuden made its debut in February 2007.


Even though Naruto Shippuden is finding its end, the franchise will not die out just yet. Thanks to Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo, Konoha will stick around a bit longer thanks to one boy named Boruto. Next month, an anime spin-off titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will make its debut. The new show will follow Naruto’s eldest child as he enters the ninja academy with his friends. It will be there that Boruto learns about the true meaning of a ninja way and discovers how difficult it is to protect his father’s bright legacy chef jobs in hong kong.